Interview with Nadia Moreau Stone

I was so intrigued by Nadia Moreau Stone’s portraits of her daughter, and really loved the idea of approaching documentation via portrait. Nadia’s work skirts the lines between documentary and fine art, and this project will only grow richer as time passes. I caught Nadia for a short interview about her work.

Katie: How did this project come about - how did your daughter inspire you to create these images?

Nadia: I have been taking pictures of my daughter since she was a baby . In the last few years I have seen changes in her behaviour but also her body was solidly changing and the way she was evolving was changing too. It was like watching a baby horse walking for the first time , clumsy at start then with more and more confidence. This is what is interesting for me to see how this little girl will transform into a beautiful strong teenager.

K: Has your daughter seen the images? How do you think her ideas about them now will change when she is older?

N: She doesn't see, or doesn’t feel that she is growing up. She likes the images, because it’s her doing what she likes doing at this stage and also because i took them . I am pretty sure that when she will be older, she will looking at them as a reminiscence of her childhood and not at a transition stage.

K: How has making these photographs affected your understanding of your daughter? Have you found any insights into this stage of girlhood as you've explored her in this project?

N: Since a very young age, early communication, she would demand to only wear dresses and loved to put make up on, a real girly girl. The thing that intrigued me, is that I have never told her how to be a girl. Being the second child, we had all toys for the first, a little boy, there was cars and trucks, she didn't want to play with any of them. On begining to crawl, the first toy she went for was a little soft pink heart, which she continued to carry everywhere. My daughter has always decided on her own how she likes to be and doesn't care what people think about her. She has a strong personality.

K: Thank you, Nadia - I think these images really do justice to your daughter’s unique personality and also the the universal feminine experience of growing into ourselves. I hope we can revisit this project in a few years to see how it has progressed.