Storyteller's Photo Conference Speaker Series: Interview with Niki Boon

Photographer Niki Boon on pushing past challenges in personal projects: “…sometimes it is more from trusting in the process and putting the camera down for a time (although this was a far harder learning to accept)…the challenge of trying to create pictures that are interesting to me, from a scene infront of me that doesn’t seem very interesting to me …and forcing myself to look harder, work harder to see more, or see differently to try and make a picture.”

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Post Processing: When a photo can go from true to false.

“We are subjectively looking at the world through our lenses, which already alters reality some. What we choose to include in the frame is based on a lot of subconscious thinking, and also our perception of how things are in that moment. Once we go back and beautify our images, some of that information can be lost. The image no longer says what was true in the moment the shutter went off, another layer of subjectivity has been added in post-production. When it’s done with a heavy hand it can significantly alter the message of the image. “

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Confluence Magazine is Media Partner with Focus on the Story 2019 + Interview with Festival Coordinator Kirth Bobb

“My experience last year provided me with so many game changers in the way I practice photography. I now go into covering a wedding with a little bit of Maggie Steber, Andre Chung, Carl Juste, and Martin Parr, and I now sequence photos from my sessions with a little bit of James Estrin. You may have to look some of these folks up, but the point is that FOTS allowed me to be around the best and that has been tremendous for my growth as a photographer. “

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50 pairs of eyes to see with

By Amanda Hirsch, Confluence Magazine Board of Advisors member

I was 18 years old, a high school senior eager to break free from the bounds of my suburban existence, when I read To The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf for English class, and discovered the following sentence: "One wanted 50 pairs of eyes to see with."

How else, it strikes me now, is it possible to even begin to see the world? Remember the white-and-gold dress meme — or perhaps, you think of it as a the blue-and-black dress meme? Objectively speaking, we see the world subjectively.

It follows that anyone with curiosity should hunger to see the world through as many different pairs of eyes as possible. This is why we need independent media that takes as its mission the showcasing of diverse voices and experiences; what we see reflected on our screens becomes codified, internally, as how we see the world.

Confluence gives us the gift of more eyes, and for that, I am deeply grateful. 

Hi! My name is Amanda Hirsch. My company Mighty Forces, helps women tell their stories.