Between: a photographers daughter documented in portraits

Photographer: Nadia Moreau Stone

Artist Statement:

The desire to be all grown up, but she still believes in unicorns.
My daughter is 8 and a half years old.
She likes barbies and dolls.
She also likes putting on make up and loves to play the grown up.

She is 8… but she wants to be 5 or 15 ...

She is in the in-between: my little girl and a teenager at the same time.

It's very tangible: the transformation of her personality, her body, her complex behaviour. It is what I want to remember. Capturing her childhood innocence with the teenage attitude shining through.

I started this project last year and continue shooting her through these developmental years.

Nadia Stone is fast becoming an internationally recognized lifestyle and fine art freelance photographer. Born and raised in Paris, Nadia is now based in the Tweeds Coast area of Australia, where she lives with her Australian husband and 3 children. Inspiration surrounds her. Her life revolves around being a committed Mother to her children, which has enabled Nadia to hone her “moment capturing eye”, with these always-on-call models.

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