NYC Skyline from Jackson Heights, Queens, 2018 by KATIE JETT WALLS

CONFLUENCE Magazine is an online magazine, conceived by Katie Jett Walls, with an ambitious vision to elevate the work of photographers emerging from commercial genres into serious documentary projects. Telling stories is one of our most basic human drives. It can be exceedingly difficult in our fast-paced, and often gender-constrained culture to protect space for the telling of stories by new voices. At CONFLUENCE Magazine we believe there is a need for new voices, for solid stepping stones in the path to wider audiences, and for collaboration between emerging documentarians and the gatekeepers of the publishing world. 

The word confluence means the place where a smaller river flows into a larger one, creating a wider mainstream and carrying that water toward its outlet in the sea. CONFLUENCE Magazine is the place where our small stream of documentary work meets and mixes with the river of stories being made and shared with the world.